Would you like to move beyond challenging personal issues & emotional difficulties?

Restore inner harmony and balance and move through life’s challenges more easily


Do you feel as though you are falling short of your potential or goals?

Create your future in line with your higher purpose and vision, grow in self belief and confidence


Do you have low energy, worries or niggling ailments?

Restore your energy, vitality and enthusiasm for life


Have you a health issue that has not been resolved via conventional medicine?

Positively influence your own health and actively engage in your personal healing journey 


Would you like to move beyond limiting behaviours or beliefs that don’t serve you?

Create your future with renewed inspiration 


Would you like a method of healing that encompasses mind, body and spirit?

Engage in a therapeutic and integrative form of  life coaching with a truly holistic approach


Do you feel called to discover your own unique story of health and imbalance?

Make meaning of your life’s experiences and increase personal resources, self awareness and compassion

Working Together

What to expect from a session

I am committed to helping you to achieve your well being, happiness and life potential by supporting the release of unhelpful emotions, symptoms or patterns that are keeping you stuck, enabling you to move forward in life more resourced and empowered.

To facilitate this I use a variety of gentle techniques from, for example, Acupressure, Chiropractic, Five Element Theory, Chinese Medicine, EFT, Nutrition, Vibrational Essences, Counselling, and more, to help you to uncover the root cause of any difficulties and the body’s preferred healing process needed to meet the issue at the deepest level possible.

Our initial meeting will be a little longer than subsequent appointments and is the time for me to fully understand the issue/s that you bring and what you hope to achieve from our work together. Any work is carried out with you seated, or lying fully clothed and comfortable, on a therapy couch.

You may be given some techniques to use between sessions to support you and any shifts that you have made.

The Story of Health

We are each a unique expression of what it is to be human.  The three main elements of our humanness are Mind, comprising of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, Body, comprising of our bodily systems and functions, and Spirit, our sense of self, of purpose and place in the world.

How these elements express themselves, our predisposition to certain emotional and physical health issues, our perception of life and our emotional dramas are shaped, along with our genetics (nature) and our conditioning (nurture), by our personal stories and life experiences. In addition we are influenced by our external environment eg the land we live on, our work and living environment etc and our internal environment eg the food we eat, the exercise and relaxation we take etc.

The health and balance of each aspect is equally important in maintaining a state of positive well being. If the needs or functions of one aspect is compromised in any way, increasing symptoms of illness and unease can occur.

Kinesiology’s strength lies in its ability to ‘track’ your personal story of health, where any imbalances lie and, more importantly what your body needs to activate its own healing ability for optimum health and wellbeing. Kinesiology seeks to uncover what is affecting you as a whole, mind, body, spirit and soul, and to create the conditions to restore balance within all aspects. To understand the extensiveness and scope of Kinesiology click on the link above.

Shamanic Healing seeks to remove unhelpful energies and restore lost energy and personal power. By clearing the source of the issue held in the energy field it no longer informs you, restoring balance and the potential to create something new. To read more about the process click on the link above.

These therapies are not a panacea but can help most difficulties and symptoms in some way.

It is a completely safe, non-invasive therapy and suitable for all ages.

Client Feedback

We are all on a unique journey that when viewed from the Souls perspective becomes an expression of the Sacred. When we step between the worlds, away from our ordinary selves and into the invisible, the dreamtime, we create a partnership with spirit. From here we can pull the threads of the unmanifest and begin to weave a new reality here in the everyday "weaving the sacred into the everyday"