About Me

I am an experienced and dedicated practitioner and a Creative Kinesiology approved mentor. Located in Stratford upon Avon the therapies I offer enable you to help and influence your own health, wellbeing, happiness and life potential.

I stumbled on Kinesiology 22 years ago while recovering from a serious illness, I was immediately ‘hooked’ and recognised that it was here that my healing journey really began. It was such an inspirational and life changing journey that I have never looked back, I went on to train in Reiki, Touch for Health Kinesiology, The Way of the Tracker and Perceptual Bodywork with Carrie Jost and the School of Creative Kinesiology and Optimum Health Balance Kinesiology with Gill Tarlington.

As a mentor for the School of Creative Kinesiology I offer 1-1 mentoring sessions for practitioners who are working toward their professional status.

I have trained in the Andean tradition of Shamanic healing and journeyed around the Medicine Wheel several times with Chris Waters and Spirit of the Inca and most recently Nicky Motte of The Everyday Shaman.

My life has been blessed and enriched by wonderful teachers and these amazing teachings. The capacity of these therapies to bring about positive change in my life and my clients lives has never failed to inspire and fascinate me and I remain committed to continuing on this path of personal growth and deepening my healing practises by regularly attending workshops and training events.