Live your potential

In a Kinesiology session we use the gentle technique of muscle testing to take you on a journey of discovery. Working with this feedback system allows us to bypass what you know consciously and access your more innate wisdom, sometimes referred to as your ‘higher self’. In this way information is revealed in relation to any problem or issue you wish to bring, the root causes of the difficulties are uncovered and more importantly exactly what your body needs to release what is holding you so that you are free to create a new way of approaching life – more resourced, balanced and empowered.

Why Muscle Test: The human body operates like a living computer, everything stored and remembered within it, every part interconnected and affecting the whole. It knows itself physically, every organ, every muscle and every cell, it also knows the world of its emotions, soul and energy flows. Muscle testing allows us to track any disruption or imbalance within these systems, tapping into energies that more conventional methods overlook.

This amazing body communication system originates from the work of Doctor George Goodheart in the 1960’s. He discovered that messages from the brain to the muscles can be disrupted by any number of stresses, including foods, hormones, emotions, chemicals and physical ailments. When we check muscle responses we are tuning in to this neurological system enabling us to tap into the body’s communication system to find imbalances throughout the body and, more importantly, identify what the body needs to restore balance.

Initial appointment approx 1 1/2 hours £60   Subsequent appointments £50   

It’s important to me that these therapies are accessible to all and so I offer two concessionary appointments (£25 or £ at your discretion) per week for teenagers, students, or for anyone who would otherwise not be able to meet the costs, please ask for the next available place.

I work with two systems, Creative Kinesiology (WOTT & PB) and Optimum Health Balance (OHB) 

Creative Kinesiology works with the whole person. All levels are addressed, body – mind – emotions – nutrition – energy systems – spirit – soul.

The Creative Kinesiology approach is one of working deeply with energy, helping people to overcome deep seated emotional, physical and energetic patterns which can manifest as aches and pains, frustration with life, lack of confidence, fatigue and a lack of fulfilment or purpose.

At the heart of this approach is the knowledge that we are made up of our stories – that our life experiences contribute to who we are today.  Releasing unwanted or unhelpful results of our life experiences (whatever they are), the body, mind and energy systems can be more able to find a new zest for life and full potential.  Using gentle balancing techniques – guided by the innate wisdom of the client’s energy system – the inner powers of healing and desire for health can be supported to help restore balance on all levels of being.

Optimum Health Balance (OHB) is a kinesiology system unique in its integration of muscle response with the use of vibrational icons (visual symbols) that allow the body’s energy system to lead ‘a conversation’ that both identifies imbalances and selects treatments. Its strength lies in its simplicity of practice while enabling depth of content and effectiveness.

OHB enables the client to create a state of progressively positive health at all levels of being and thus overcome problems and raise the person’s energy to the highest possible level at the time of balance and to assist in creating what is desired in life.