Shamanic Healing

Transcending limiting beliefs

The Inca tradition of Shamanism is one of simplicity, grace and beauty. We work within the luminous energy field dealing with the source of the wounding, the original imprint that informs the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

A Shamanic session typically releases stuck energy from your energy field and replaces it with light, the chakras are cleansed and rebalanced. Intrusive energies may be removed, lost soul parts found and the body’s stress reaction released to allow the body to fully relax.

A session concludes with a map and other resources to guide you into stepping into your new way of being.

First session approx 1 1/2  hrs £60 subsequent appointments £50

It’s important to me that these therapies are accessible to all and so I offer two concessionary appointments (£25 or £ at your discernment) per week for teenagers, students, or for anyone who would otherwise not be able to meet the costs, please ask for the next available place.

A session may involve any combination of the following techniques:

Illumination is the body’s basic healing process for clearing and overwriting imprints in your energy field so that you are no longer influenced by them. The luminous body contains imprints that can affect the chakras with heavy, dark energy. Over time these imprints can cause dis-ease in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. The illumination process releases stuck energy through the chakra system and the chakras are cleansed and rebalanced.

Removes and safely releases intrusive energies that may have found a home in your environment or become embedded within your energy field feeding off you and adversely affecting your life. These energies may be from past wounds, past lives, present trauma or even spirits who have an affinity with your energy.
This process can cut the ties that bind and remove ancestral and generational patterns from your field to cleanse your luminous energy field and free up your energy body.

Soul Retrieval
Enables part of your vital essence that has separated or become dissociated from you to be found and reintegrated. From the Shamanic perspective you have many soul parts, or essences of yourself. A soul part can leave in response to illness, trauma, betrayal, abuse, or any situation that is not safe. The Shaman journeys into other realms to bring back soul parts, gifts, power animals and soul contracts in order to help you create a new way of approaching life – more resourced, balanced and empowered. This process allows you to gain understanding and compassion and the resources to move forwards in your life.

Decoupling Fight or Flight Releases the body’s stress response mechanism allowing the body to fully relax.

Transition Rites
There are times in our lives when we must leave behind all that has gone before so that we are fully available for a new stage or way of being. At these times, old parts of the self must die so that the new self can be born. These rites help you to make big shifts in your life with ease and grace.

Despacho Ceremony
A despacho may be created to bring sacred balance to any aspect of your life, for example your home, family or workplace. Despachos may also be used for powerful rites of passage in life and to celebrate a new life cycle, such as embarking on a new relationship, starting a new career or moving to a new area. There are so many ways to create powerful, graceful change in your life by participating in a despacho ceremony.
This ceremony can be a personal ceremony or a group ceremony with the friends and family you invite to join you.
A despacho ceremony is based on the tradition of the Q’ero and is a wonderful way to mark transitions or rites of passage.
There are several types of despacho, but in the basic format the Shaman guides you or a group of people in building a beautiful prayer bundle. Special ingredients are used each with their own symbolic meaning. Prayers are offered by blowing intentions into special leaf bundles and placing them in the despacho. When finished, the bundle is wrapped carefully and taken to a ceremonial fire to be burned as an offering.